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Tatlow & Rawlings is being revamped.

Tatlow & Rawlings, Apostles of Paine, launched shortly after Trump's inauguration in 2017. We created the "Common Sense Movement to Reclaim the American Republic" because public discourse across America and western culture was impossibly toxic.

Trump's capacity for the conscience-free denial of morality, facts and rejection of knowledge during his one term have only made things worse. That said, Trump did have some success during his one term. He successfully broke the will of the Republican party. Now they also shamelessly refute facts, morality, racism, common sense, the law and patriotism.

The Common Sense Movement has a lot of work ahead.

674,000+ Americans dead due to the pandemic as of September 9, 2021.

Everything Trump touches turns to shit.
His epoch defining legacy: an unconscionably negligent, corrupt, treasonous and morally bereft leadership that the Republican party ran to embrace.

Our Dream for the Grifter and
his corrupt, treasonous family.

Chump big-house

Right Time and Place, and a Reminder

Tatlow & Rawlings is non-partisan, pro-citizen.
Big money, partisan politics and the political establishment have little motivation to help the average working man and woman. Whether one chooses Democrat or Republican, it's largely a distinction without a difference.